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Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 2

- Still living 'The Dream' in rural Ireland

Nick and Lesley's desire for a better life in the countryside was a long-held dream. Unforeseen events and a leap of faith forced that dream into reality, but moving to rural Ireland was only the beginning of their story.
Foreigners in a foreign land, they set about making new friends, learning the culture and expanding their collection of chickens and unruly dogs. But their dream home was in desperate need of renovation, a mammoth task they attacked with the aid of a DIY manual, dwindling funds and incompetent enthusiasm. With defunct diggers, collapsing ladders, and shocking electrics, what could possibly go wrong?
Will their new life live up to expectations, or will the Irish weather, dangerous roads, and a cruel twist of fate turn this dream into a nightmare?

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What people are saying about Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 2*

I think I enjoyed this one a little more than the first.
This one really gets into the nuts and bolts of renovations into the country home in County Clare. I couldn't help but relate while reading and thinking of all the renovations to our very old home we purchased 26 years ago. Although, we have never had quite the quirky workers to keep us on our toes. Loveable characters that they are.
I was in stitches so many times with the stories about dog adventures and the dog rules of ball playing. Another relatable topic. Here is an excerpt from the chapter; Doggy Ball Games, “I think Kia considers herself exempt,” I smiled. “Yesterday, we were on the logging road, up in the forest. After one particularly violent body-check left Lady upside-down in a gorse bush, I imagined I could hear her mumbling, Bloody Kia…taking it a bit seriously…only a game after all, as she limped away.” I formed quite a funny visual.
Nick and Leslie also have their share of troubles in part 2, my heart went out to them many times. They seemed to come through things quite well and manage to retain their sense of humour.
A thoroughly enjoyable read and looking forward to part 3!


I read Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds Book 1 and enjoyed it and was looking forward to Book 2. I was not disappointed. This is a lovely book to read over the summer. Nick is very descriptive in his writing so you can really "see" what he's describing. Especially when he's describing all the work he's done on the house. I love reading about the "kids", their 4 dogs and all the antics they get into. Moving from England to the top of a mountain in Ireland was a big change and they've done all the work on the house themselves. He's taken us as readers along on the journey. I laughed out loud at some of the predicaments Nick got into during his DIY renovations. I was very impressed he could use the heavy equipment he rented to do the drains etc. in the yard for the plumbing and building the pump house. I would recommend this book. I am looking forward to Book 3.


Oh Nick, you can't be done yet! This book continues the story of Nick and Lesley who gave up "the rat race" in England and moved to Ireland. Along the way they introduce the reader to rural Irish life and the trials and joys of living in their new country. In book two you'll learn of Nick and Lesley's new additions to their household, the new wing, kitchen renovations and Lesley's near brush with death. There's still more to tell...here's hoping there's a third book!


Good read. Nick takes things in his stride, except when anything upsets his beloved Lesley then there is a tear or two. He makes light of the restoration work which would not have been an easy task to perform. The life choice for this couple to “ take to the mountains” of Ireland, pays off for them. Each other, their daughter their dogs, the garden, surrounding Nature and wild life is all they need for ultimate contentment.


This story was written with a healthy sense of humour. It was certainly needed by the author Nick Albert as he moved with his wife to seek an idyllic lifestyle in the Irish countryside. This book would be enjoyable for anyone that has a keen desire to become immersed in their dream DIY restoration, with the quirkiness of the Irish thrown in. It makes an easy and enjoyable read. This book was only disappointing when it finished and there was no more!
*All from Amazon reviews