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Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds

- Living 'The Dream' in rural Ireland

Nick and Lesley Albert always had a yearning to leave the noise, stress and pollution of modern Britain behind and move to the countryside, where the living is good, the air sweet, and there is space for their dogs to run free. But their idea would have remained just a dream, had circumstances not forced their hands. Suddenly out of work and soon to be homeless, they set off in search of a new life in Ireland, a country they had never before visited.

Rural County Clare proved to be endlessly quirky but delightfully appealing. Although the driving was dicey and navigation difficult, they soon fell in love with the countryside, the culture and the people.

But as their adventure in Ireland began to unfold, not everything went according to plan. If finding their dream house was difficult, buying it seemed almost impossible, and that wasn’t all. How would they cope with banks that didn’t want customers, builders who didn’t need work, or the complexed issue of where to buy some chickens?

Was ‘Living the Dream’ a possibility, or would it become a nightmare?

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What people are saying about Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds*

Well written first hand experience of life changing decisions. Nick tells his story with wit and truth which makes this book a great read. His descriptions of people, places and real life experience kept me turning pages. Can't wait for the next book! 5*


Nick and Lesley like most of us wish they could leave the hustle and bustle life of town and working and live in the country. But, as usual, making a living and raising a family gets in the way. The day comes when the job is gone and they need to sell their house or be homeless. They go to Ireland a few times looking for a place but they are more expensive and heavens forbid—not move in ready—in the country (not in their price range). The day comes when they find a place, finally sell their house in Britain and off they go. You would think that it would be easy to get things set up and completed in a country that you speak the language—think again. In the country things can still be working in 1950 time and heavens forbid try to get the best renovator and he is either too busy or just not interested. The book gives you a lot of information but finally gets moving and funny and interesting as their life becomes stable (hmmmm). Visits from family help also but what happens when the cash is running out? Well, read the book and find out. I highly recommend this book. 5*


'Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds' is a delightful book about Nick and wife Lesley's move to rural Ireland. It contains many of my favourite 'book ingredients': Animals, uprooting and moving on to pastures new, doing up property, with sprinkles of humour too. An excellent read not to be missed. A charming memoir.
From the fresh, inviting, colourful cover, to the excellent, polished writing, this book was a definite winner for me. It was very easy to read; he seems a very likeable fellow and it was a lovely book.
With fast-moving dialogue, it was so easy to read and get involved in their story. I was able to just whizz through, it was delightful. I loved it, and I loved his humour, it doesn't seem overdone or like he's trying too hard to be funny-it's just natural, fun and a darned good read! A simply splendid book!
I beta read a pre-publication copy of this book. 5*


This book catches you from page one and can barely be put down until the last page has been turned. The story of changing life circumstances, it is told with humor and wit. Nick Albert's descriptions of the Irish countryside and the people he meets on his search for a new life are exquisitely drawn. The tales of the agony of staying in a B&B with no heat (and returning for more punishment) are hilarious. If you enjoy well written, amusing, and poignant stories of new life starts I can assure you that this is the book for you. 5*
*All from Amazon reviews